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Natalia Games and Gabriel Angió have danced together since June 1991.


They studied with many of the great masters of tango, such as Mingo Pugliese, Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Jose Vazques (Lampazo), Raúl Bravo, etc.


At the end of 1991 they won the famous Buenos Aires tango competition: "Hugo del Carril".


They were invited as guest artists to give exhibitions in the most popular tango salons, such as: Sunderland, Akarense, Club Almagro, Salón Canning, Mariano Acosta, Glorias Argentinas, amongst others.


In 1992 they were asked to join the company "Tango X 2", to participate in three shows over five years. "Homenaje a Gardel", "Perfumes de Tango" and "Una noche de Tango". These three shows were presented in various Buenos Aires theatres: Municipal Theatre, General San Martín, Avenida Theatre, Alvear Theatre, Astral Theatre, Miquelangelo.


Internationally they worked in Moscow, Hong Kong, and many cities in Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Europe.


Since 1997 they have participated as a soloist couple in the most important tango festivals of Europe and USA: Sitges, (Barcelona), Lausanne (Switzerland), Bologna (Italy), Miami (USA),Oslo (Norway), Paris (France) London (England), Tel Aviv (Israel), Berlin (Germany), Dinos (Greece), Zurich (Switzerland), and Istanbul (Turkey) among others.


In June of 2000 the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Loire Region invited them to dance with the orchestra, giving several performances in France.


In March 2002 they were invited to dance at the Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, in the tribute to Carmencita Calderón.


In July 2002 they participated in the "Classic Open Air 2002" Festival in Berlin, accompanied by the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg.


On the 16 of February 2003 they performed in the presence of 10,000 people at the "World Dance Festival” in Japan. This event is a world-wide competition of ballroom which takes place in the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.


On the 25 of October 2003 they gave a demonstration of Tango to Mikhail Baryshnikov at Yale University, USA.


In March 2001 they created their company "Plan B", the first and only company to integrate Tango and breakdance, with which, in May of that year, they premiered the show "Tango in Construction," then in December 2003 premiered "Tango" at "La Trastienda", and in October 2004 they premiered the show "Phase 1" at the theatre "Santa Maria".


At the start of 2005 their company closed the Tango World Festival organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and then made a tour in Chile and 2 tours to France (2005 and 2007).


In February 2008 they performed on the MSC Company’s ship "SS Symphony" during the crossing from Buenos Aires to Venice.


In June 2009 they created their second company "Plan B II" and took the show "Tango… siempre Tango" to Chile.


In September 2009 are invited to perform four concerts in Seoul by the famous Korean cellist "Young Hoon Son" and the Japanese Tango band "Cuatrocientos".


In November 2009 performed as soloist couple in Norway tourne with Rodolfo Mederos and Miguel Poveda, presenting the show "Dialogues" (Tango and Flamenco encounter)


As teachers they disseminate the tango by giving workshops in Europe and United States.


And in Buenos Aires they work as teachers having established the "New Generation Tango" with weekly classes at the Salons Gricel and Canning as well as special seminars in venues like the Parakultural, Galería del Tango, Theater Arlequines, Club Almagro, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Salon Salamanca, etc ...


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